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Ankle Fusion (Continued)

One study with a follow-up time of 12.3 years showed that 67 percent of people had pain in this subtalar joint and that 75 percent of patients had to wear special footwear after ankle fusion. The author (Ahberg, A. Late results of ankle fusion. Acta. Orthop. Scand. 1981; 52:103-105.) noted, "In conclusion, patients with ankle fusion often have persistent trouble; therefore technical and clinical development of total ankle joint replacements seems to be indicated." Can you believe this one? The orthopedist's solution to the ankle fusion failure is "let's come up with another operation" so the sequence of events will continue: ligament sprain, RICE treatment, mild NSAIDS, then stronger and stronger NSAIDs, leading to cortisone shots, then Arthroscopy, ankle fusion, and, finally, ankle replacement. We think not! How about just doing Prolotherapy after the initial injury? It is much simpler. Anyone starting out with the RICE treatment is most likely going to end up later in life with several masked people around them with sharp blades. If this is what you want, follow the standard sports medicine protocols. If not, run to a Prolotherapy doctor, if you are still able. Your joints depend on it.

Joint motion is lost after fusion surgery

The above scenario does not even take into account the dramatic gait abnormalities that occur with ankle fusion. Remember, fusion surgery of the knee, back, or ankle means that the joint can never be moved normally again. At minimum, most of the motion in the subtalar joint will be lost. In regards to ankle fusion, the velocity of the gait will be much slower and the length of the stride will decrease. Other joints around the fused area, as already noted, will have to contract a lot more. This causes the energy expenditure of walking to increase dramatically.


Prolotherapy Injections to the Ankle

Ross A. Hauser, MD is the Medical Director of Caring Medical in Chicago land. He is a full time Prolotherapy doctor who specializes in tough cases of sports injuries and chronic pain. In this video, Dr. Hauser demonstrates a Hackett-Hemwall Prolotherapy treatment to the ankle. If you are interested in Prolotherapy for an ankle injury, or to learn more about Prolotherapy for other painful areas, visit us at


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There is no known cure for arthritis. Prolotherapy and nutritional supplements can help alleviate, reverse, or end arthritic pain by treating an underlying cause that contributes to degenerative disease, ligament laxity. Strengthening ligaments and other connective tissue can help prevent bone on bone arthritis from developing.

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